For the record: How leaked clips have hit Karnataka politics | Bengaluru News – Times of India

BENGALURU: The row over a recording of Nalin Kumar Kateel’s purported remarks on BS Yediyurappa being possibly replaced follows a long string of controversies involving leaked audio and video clips.
In the past two decades, the instances have hit all political camps and governments in Karnataka, prompting various allegations, rebuttals, inquiries and even highprofile resignations.

In most cases, it’s difficult to verify the contents or cast of characters in the alleged clips without a public admission. But political fireworks are guaranteed.
In the latest episode, Kateel, the state BJP president, has denied the voice in the recording is his and has written to CM Yediyurappa, seeking a probe in the matter. However, this has failed to stop the speculation over Yediyurappa’s time in office.


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