Food app personnel gang up to thrash a rider

Lockdown restrictions and empty roads have not done much to douse the tempers of this bunch of self-proclaimed covid warriors. On the pretext of a run-in that never was, a group of food delivery personnel are said to have cornered a 32-year-old businessman, attacked him and snatched his gold chain.

Sandeep Erappa said he had gone to buy medicines for his mother and was going back home after filling petrol in his bike, when at least a dozen men, all delivery personnel of a food delivery platform, attacked him on SM Road at Jalahalli Cross in T Dasarahalli on the night of June 1. Erappa said his bike had not even touched or brushed against the other bike, but that didn’t stop the men from cornering him.

It was around 10.30 pm and Erappa had reached SM Road, when a bike rider in front of him applied sudden brakes, causing him to nearly brush against the bike in front. Erappa stopped next to the bike and asked him to ride carefully to avoid accidents. The rider took offence and began arguing with Erappa. By then Erappa felt he had over-reacted, so he told the rider to carry on.

Erappa rode off to turn to the cross road to his house when he was surrounded by around 10 to 12 men, all food delivery executives of the same company. “All except two of them were wearing the t-shirts of the company so I could identify they were all from the same company,” Erappa told Bangalore Mirror.

One of them asked Erappa, why he had beat up their colleague. Erappa said he had not even gotten off his bike and had only asked him to ride safe, but there was no cooling the group down. The men allegedly surrounded him and began beating him black and blue. They told Erappa that they were covid warriors working day and night during lockdown serving people staying at home with food and medicines. “In the melee, they had even snatched my gold chain which I held on to, but a major chunk of my chain went missing during the brawl. Around 30 per cent of the chain remained in my hand, while the other part was gone,” he said.

As it was near Erappa’s house, a local named Durga from a shop nearby came to his rescue and the men dispersed. The men warned Erappa and sped away from the spot. After informing his mother, Erappa then headed to the bagalagunte police station and filed a complaint against 10 to 12 unknown delivery personnel who attacked him and robbed him of his chain.

“Food delivery personnel who have the privilege and permission to travel during the lockdown are taking advantage of their position and are indulging in criminal activities,” Erappa said.


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