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NEW DELHI: With Delhi High Court terming redevelopment of Central Vista a project of national importance, the Centre has come out with a detailed “fact sheet” explaining costs and regulatory aspects of the scheme that so far involves an allocation of Rs 790 crore in 2021-22.
The housing and urban affairs ministry on Sunday said only two projects of the new Parliament building with tendered cost of Rs 862 crore and redevelopment of Central Vista avenue with tendered cost of Rs 477 crore had been awarded and works were underway. Expenditure incurred on these projects till March 2021 is Rs 195 crore.
The ministry said there was no diversion of funds away from health priorities amid Covid-19. Stopping work at this stage will entail creating liabilities and workers’ interests in terms of livelihood would be hurt and, if completed at a later date, the project would cost more with inflation.
The government said contrary to claims, the project paid considerable attention to environmental provisions as well as increased public space. It said the various clearances were not bundled into the master plan as that was not permissible. Building plans were uploaded online for DUAC and the heritage conservation committee to scrutinise, increasing transparency.
The revamp of Central Vista will increase overall greenery and public space, it claimed. The ministry proposes to transplant 3,230 trees to Eco Park at NTPC, Badarpur and 1,753 within the project sites. Another 2,000 trees are to be planted in the area. While some Jamun trees will be transplanted, those that were part of Lutyens’ original design will not be moved.
“Central Vista will have a net gain of 563 trees…Further, the entire project shall be undertaken without cutting a single tree. A total of 36,083 trees will be planted in the city and overall green cover will increase substantially.”
Using North and South Blocks for museums will open up around 80,000 sqm display area, much larger than at National Mueseum now. Over 2.25 hectares of public and semi-public land shall also be converted into green spaces.
On the overall cost, it said the Rs 20,000 crore was “gross rough estimate” for all work that include new Parliament building, chambers for MPs, Central Vista avenue, 10 buildings of CCS, Central Conference Centre, additional buildings for National Archives, IGNCA, official residences for the PM and the VP, PMO’s executive enclave, Cabinet Secretariat, National Security Council Secretariat, relocation of National Museum.
It said none of the listed heritage buildings would be demolished. The annex of the archives, which came up later, is being removed.


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