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NEW DELHI: Delhi University’s standing committee on academic matters expressed several reservations about the recommendation of the National Education Policy implementation panel proposing a four-year undergraduate programme (FYUP). In a meeting on Monday, they said 2022-23 as the year for implementing this was decided without proper consultation and that the colleges did not have the infrastructure to support an additional undergraduate year. Eventually, however, the standing committee passed the FYUP implementation despite the dissent and it will now be placed before the Academic Council meeting on Tuesday.
The Academic Council meeting scheduled for Tuesday has among its agenda discussions on both FYUP and the adoption of the Academic Bank of Credit system, but there will be no discussions on Swayam and massive open online courses, both being deferred due to massive opposition in the standing committee.
The standing committee document says that the NEP report had to be sent for discussions to all statutory bodies, such as course committees, staff councils and college faculties before it could be broached in the Academic Council.
The statement adds, “The document clearly stated that multiple entry and exit and ABC will be implemented in DU in such a manner that only ‘core’ courses will be left untouched and students can earn credits for all other courses from other universities.” It points out that in the proposed BA Honours discipline with research, a student needed to earn 196 credits in four years. The core courses would comprise 84 credits, or 42.86%. “So, technically DU will be allowing 57.14% of the total credits to be earned in four years from other universities. This will have a direct negative impact on the workload,” the standing committee document says.
Another big concern is that with discipline-specific electives being divided, students might not get in-depth knowledge of the subject they have opted for. The document raises questions like: “What exactly is the difference between a dissertation (6 credits) and a thesis (12 credits)? Who will monitor such differences? What is interdisciplinary dissertation? Does that mean interdisciplinary between the major and minor disciplines? While a student can pursue a major in economics with a minor in English literature, it is extremely difficult (sometimes even impossible) to find an interdisciplinary dissertation topic between these two disciplines,” the document adds.
As part of the new four-year structure, the last year of the graduation programme will be devoted to writing a dissertation/ thesis.


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