Dimple Paul Model Harrassed by Sajid Khan

Dimple Paul Harrassed by Sajid Khan, who has been accused of sexual harassment, Actor-producer Sajid Khan has been accused of sexual harassment to a model.

Model Whore has been accused of sexual harassment by actor-film maker Sajid Khan, who then created a trend on Twitter with the hashtag Arrest Sajid Khan, demanding Sajid’s arrest. According to information provided by an unofficial account named Dimple Paul on Instagram,

‘When the Meat Movement started, many people were talking about Sajid Khan. But, I couldn’t make that adventure out of me. Because, like so many other artists in the industry, I have no godfather and my family’s responsibility is on me. You had to be quiet. Currently my father-mother is not with me. I just have to earn it for myself right now. I have ventured into this. When I was 17, Sajid molested me.

Serious allegation by Dimple Paul,

Dimple Paul said the incident took place with him during an audition. “Sajid has spoken to me in a bad language. He has tried to make fun of me. He even told me to work on his film ‘Housefull’ and to make me unwell.”

At the end of his post, Dimple said, “I don’t know how many young women Sajid has done with this. Not just casting couch, they are making people laugh and say their dreams.

Dimple, who wrote the tagline for the post, said, “I thought I’d speak for as long as there is democracy and freedom of expression.” As the news unfolded, Twitter users took to social media to demand that Saji Khan be jailed.

Images Courtesy: Dimple Paul ( instagram )

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