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HYDERABAD: The price of diesel crossed the Rs 100 per litre mark for the first time in Hyderabad on Thursday and is now sold at Rs 100.13 as fuel prices continue to record an upward trend.
The upward movement since May saw diesel price breaching the Rs 100 mark in various cities across the country, particularly in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. Some of the cities selling diesel for over 100 per litre are Sriganaganagar and Jaipur in Rajasthan and Bubaneswar in Odisha.
Till October 4, the diesel prices in Hyderabad hovered around Rs 99.04, before rising for four consecutive days.
Over 1,000 fuel outlets cater to the needs of consumers in Greater Hyderabad, and 2,400 outlets across the state. On an average, over one lakh litres of fuel are sold by these outlets.
Consumers unhappy with surging prices
Surging international oil prices and high domestic tax structure are two key reasons for high rates of petrol and diesel in pumps, say experts. When this correspondent visited a few fuel stations in the city on Thursday, consumers were seen cribbing about the price hike.
“Fuel is a major need in our lives, but we have no other option but bear the burden,” Prashant Reddy, a resident of Vengalraonagar, said.
“Even if diesel price reaches Rs 150 per litre, I cannot stop using my car. Earlier, I used to spend Rs 300 once in three days, now after the hike, my expenditure on fuel has gone up to Rs 500 per day, because I have another car to fill,” said J Santosh Kumar, owner of Kitchenware mall at Gachibowli.
Mahamood Sidddique, an auto driver, who has been transporting passengers for the past two decades in the city, recalled his old days. “I started driving the auto, when diesel cost was Rs 40 per litre and now, it has crossed Rs 100,” he added.


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