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Dhinakaran wants Tamil Nadu govt to rectify issues at paddy direct procurement centres | Chennai News – Times of India

TRICHY: AMMK general secretary T T V Dhinakaran on Friday demanded that the Tamil Nadu government look into the issues prevailing at the direct procurement centres (DPCs) across the state and rectify them to help farmers.
Dhinakaran tweeted that there were confusions in procuring the paddy from farmers at DPCs in delta districts and other parts of the state.
The AMMK leader pointed out that sacks of paddy brought by the farmers to the DPCs were getting drenched in rain. Dhinakaran made it a point that the government should provide the full payment to the farmers for the paddy drenched after being brought to the DPCs.
Dhinakaran mentioned the complaints about officials making farmers run from pillar to post without procuring the paddy directly from them by having truck with traders.
The AMMK leader said the state government should consider the feelings of the farmers who toiled hard to produce the paddy amid all adversities and act accordingly.


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