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MUMBAI: Dengue fever cases have seen a more than six-fold jump in the city this year compared to last year, when the pandemic hit and numbers were at a record low. According to latest figures, dengue cases have almost reached pre-pandemic levels. The only silver lining is that recorded deaths are in single digits.

The BMC released a consolidated chart of monsoon-related ailments which shows dengue cases, after dropping to 129 last year, have again jumped to 821. Chikungunya, transmitted by the same mosquito as dengue, has shown a spurt too. The city saw its usual count of malaria and H1N1 infections. Surprisingly, enteric diseases, including gastroenteritis and hepatitis A, remained low for the second year in a row. Overall, monsoon diseases claimed seven lives this year, down from 12 in 2020 and 20 in 2019.
Between January and November, the city has recorded 821 cases and 3 deaths of dengue over 129 cases and 3 fatalities last year. In 2019 there were 920 cases and 1,003 in 2018. A drastic drop in testing and lack of people mobility for months in 2020 were key reasons for the historically low numbers last year. “With those factors taken away plus intermittent rainfall and climatic conditions, cases are back to usual,” said Rajan Naringrekar, BMC’s insecticide officer. He said indoor breeding has been the biggest challenge to curb breeding of dengue mosquito. “Also, slums areas in Mumbai collectively have more than 18 lakh drums storing water. Each of them can be a potential source,” he said.
Chikungunya, another viral disease spread by the aedes egypti mosquito that transmits dengue, saw a spurt with 60 cases. BMC said it was the only disease they thought saw a rise in 2021. Interestingly, malaria didn’t see the extent of drop dengue saw last year. Mumbai recorded more cases (5,007) in 2020 compared to 4,357 in 2019. This year too, malaria has affected 4,813 people but has not caused any deaths as per records. The most intriguing is the curve of gastroenteritis. Mumbai records 7,000-8,000 gastroenteritis cases annually. It dropped to 2,549 last year as most roadside eateries and unclean drinking water sources were not accessed. But with life and work routines returning to normal, it didn’t see a rise. In 2021, 2,564 cases have been reported, a nearly 70% drop compared to pre-pandemic times.
Hepatitis A has witnessed a major decline. 258 cases have been recorded; 263 were recorded in 2020.


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