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NEW DELHI: A 30-year-old woman was strangled by her lover and her body was dumped in a forested area in south Delhi’s Maidan Garhi on Sunday evening. The accused told his friend to call police and inform them about the murder after cooking up a story.
The main accused, Anuj Kumar (22), started living with the victim after his girlfriend went to her hometown during the lockdown. When she returned, he wanted to get rid of his new girlfriend, so he hatched a plan with his friends to kill her. He stood guard while two of his friends strangled her.
DCP (South) Atul Thakur said the three accused, Kumar, Ramzan Khan (32) and Naushad (21) have been arrested. “Anuj came in contact with the victim around two years ago. She eloped with him from her house in Uttam Nagar with the help of Ramzan. They started living together and also got married in a temple.”
Kumar was also in a relationship with another girl, who was pressuring him for marriage. Kumar confided in Ramzan and Naushad and the trio hatched a conspiracy to kill the victim.
“Naushad and Kumar took the victim to a jungle where Ramzan was already present. They then strangled her and left the body there. Later, Ramzan called the PCR stating that he was drinking in the jungle when he saw a woman being taken by two men on a motorcycle, who later killed her,” said Thakur.
A probe revealed that the victim came on a black-coloured motorcycle with two men from Gaushala Road. Later, efforts were made to identify the body, but no clues were found. CCTV footage showed the two suspects taking her on a black Splendor motorcycle. The man who called police was also seen going on foot towards the spot.
Later, when contradictions were noticed in the statements of the caller, Ramzan, he was interrogated at length. His mobile phone was also checked. He finally confessed that he knew the deceased. He disclosed that she was a live-in partner and possibly the wife of Kumar, who was living in Fatehpur Beri. The motorcycle used in the crime and the dupatta with which she was strangled have been seized.


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