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Delhi Master Plan: Hubs around Metro stations get a big push in Delhi master plan | Delhi News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Delhi Development Authority’s transit-oriented development (TOD) policy, which focuses on high-density, mixed-use development around transit nodes such as Metro stations, was approved in 2019. The development control norms of TOD have now become part of the draft Master Plan for Delhi 2041.
The TOD policy promotes development of compact, walkable, mixed-use developments within influence zones of transit stations, which could be Delhi Metro station or an upcoming Regional Rapid Transit System one. It aims at improving public transit ridership, reducing vehicular congestion and greenhouse emissions and pollution in the long term.
“TOD is also an important strategy for unlocking the latent economic potential and land values in the city,” MPD 41 states, adding that it will facilitate development and regeneration of select areas through planned intensification of uses and activities, infusion of new infrastructure and improvement in public realm. This will also allow Delhi to capitalise on the large-scale investments made for public transit infrastructure.
DDA intends to implement the policy strategically in select TOD nodes with high development potential. “This will enable the creation of well-planned growth centres, developed as per sustainability principles, capable of developing into future economic drivers and cultural hubs for the city,” the draft says, adding all transit-oriented development will be designed to ensure denser street networks, better public areas and active public frontages to ensure safer, walkable, cycling-friendly and vibrant areas throughout Delhi.
The high FAR and mixed-use that will be allowed will ensure creation of more dwelling units, including those for the economically weaker sections.
The projects are planned to provide highest priority to pedestrians and non-motorised traffic, through various strategies such as traffic management plans, street improvements, creation of a network of pedestrian and non-motorised traffic routes, and restricted and high-priced public parking.


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