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Covid-19: Second wave death toll nears last year’s in Telangana | Hyderabad News – Times of India

HYDERABAD: Hinting at just how severe the ongoing second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is, the data from the state health department shows that Covid-19 claimed as many patients during the last three months as it did in an entire year before that.
From the time the pandemic hit Telangana on March 2, 2020 when the first case was recorded, the virus has claimed 3,247 patients so far. Of these, 1,634 deaths were recorded between March 2020 and February 2021. On the other hand, in the last three months alone, Telangana recorded 1,613 deaths up to Friday, almost matching the count of the 12 months prior to that.
While the number of deaths reduced to less than five daily at the beginning of 2021, by the time the second wave hit the state, on March 1 this year, a sudden spike in cases was seen. “If we see, the case fatality rate (CFR) in the state has not changed much over the last couple of months but it is the sheer number of infections which have increased the number of deaths. Since the virus has spread rapidly during the second phase, more vulnerable people were exposed to the virus,” said a senior official from the state health department.
The CFR in the beginning of February this year was 0.54% while it is currently 0.56%, registering only a minute change. However, what has been different is that unlike the first wave when majority of the deaths were seen in patients over 60 years of age and patients having cormorbidities, this time a large number of deaths were seen in the 30 to 50 age group.
This, experts say, is because of the circulating variant of the virus. “While death rate is almost the same in Telangana even now, the number of deaths increased in the three months of the second wave. It is due to the rapid spread of variants of concern. The B.1.617 (double mutant) version of the virus is responsible for the rapid spread. In fact, one in three samples sequenced in Telangana in April and May belong to B.1.617 Lineage 2,” said Dr Kiran Madala, in-charge head of department of critical care at Nizamabad Medical College.


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