Coronavirus symptoms: Common symptoms of infection in vaccinated people | The Times of India


Headaches are the initial symptoms of the COVID-19. We all experience headaches from time to time due to different reasons. This is what makes it difficult to differentiate between general headaches and other related to COVID. The only difference is that headaches caused due to COVID-19 are persistent and stick around for some time.

Runny nose

A runny nose is common for the common symptoms of cold, but it is also marked as the initial symptoms of the COVID-19. Several studies suggest that a runny nose is a typical symptom of infection in the case of the Delta variant. It has been witnessed in people of all age groups.


A runny nose can also be accompanied by persistent sneezing. In some cases, sneezing can also be due to seasonal allergies, generally reported in this season. It is better to get tested in case you suffer from a problem with allergens.


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