Corona virus vaccine available in the US on November 1

Corona virus vaccine available in the US on November 1, Donald Trump has asked that states be prepared for corona virus vaccine delivery. Trump has appealed to government officials to expedite the approval process by November 1.

US President Donald Trump has confirmed the corona vaccine release date amid the coronavirus epidemic. Trump has claimed he will launch the vaccine in the US starting November 1. The whole world is waiting for their outcome. This is because at this time three vaccines in the United States are under Phase-III human trials and awaiting approval.

Covid-19 Corona’s graph is moving fast around the world. Infection and death statistics are rising rapidly. Meanwhile there has been good news from the US, who is set to release the corona vaccine on November 1.

According to sources, the vaccine will be first given to medical and national security authorities after approval. This will then be given to people at high risk for the corona epidemic and those who have access to essential services. This is followed by the vaccination of elderly patients, then other people. According to the US president, the vaccine booster dose will also be given a few weeks after the first dose is given free on November 1.

Three companies are in the forefront of making the Corona Vaccine in the US. The first of these is AstraZeneca, which is developing a vaccine in partnership with Oxford University in England. The other company is Moderna, which is developing the drug with the National Institutes of Health. The third company is Pfizer, which is preparing the vaccine. Donald Trump has recently reached the third stage of the Human Trial by informing Donald Trump about the approval of AstraZeneca’s vaccine.

The US Health Agency CDC recently wrote to states to remove or relax the terms and conditions of vaccine delivery. At the same time, the US FDA has said that if the results are good in a phase III clinical trial, the vaccine must be approved before completion. also read this: PM Narendra modi speech.

If coronavirus-affected countries are relieved of this news, they are also somewhat sceptical about its timing. Because Donald Trump has announced that he will release the vaccine just two days before the presidential election. In such a situation, people are horrified at how dangerous it is to quickly launch a vaccine without seeing the results of stage 3.

Corona Vaccine in India?

In India too, there has been increasing speculation of vaccine arrivals amidst uncontrollable cases of coronavirus, but the corona vaccine may have to wait for next year to come to India. 2 companies are in the forefront of the vaccine competition. These include Bharat Biotech’s cocaine and Zydus vaccine.

The results of clinical trials of Bharat Biotech and Zydus vaccines are expected by the end of the year, and then it may take another month to reach the vaccine to market. In addition to these two companies, the UK’s Oxford University Vaccine Cove shield is also being tested in India. Russia has expressed willingness to partner with India for its vaccine production.

WHO told you about the vaccine?

According to the WHO there are currently about 170 vaccines working in worldwide. At least 30 of these vaccines are in the final stages of human experimentation. But can we introduce a vaccine without trial? Is it safe to test it with no results? Soumya Swaminathan, chief scientist at the World Health Organization on these questions, said all countries have the right to approve medicines without completing trials. But he said the decision had to be taken seriously.

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