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Coimbatore viral deaths, cremations don’t match | Coimbatore News – Times of India

Till date, Coimbatore has recorded 733 Covid deaths and 84,206 virus cases (Photo for representative purpose only)

COIMBATORE: There seems to be a mismatch in the number of Covid-19 deaths declared by the state government and the number of bodies cremated or buried as per the Covid-19 protocol in Coimbatore district.
According to government’s media bulletin, the number of people who died due to the infection between April 26 and May1 in the district was13. But the number of people cremated/buried in Coimbatore city as per Covid-19 protocol for the same period was more than 210.
People who died of coronavirus within the city limits were cremated at four places –Athupalam, Nanjundapuram, Kavundampalayam and Chokkampudur – and buried at multiple burial grounds including the ones at Selvapuram, Poo Market, Podanur, Kovaipudur and Sugunapuram.
According to the data collected by TOI, 205 people were cremated in crematoriums and five people were buried in one burial ground following Covid-19 protocols in the city over six days.
There is also a time lapse between the actual date of death and updating the fatality in the media bulletin.
On an average, a crematorium receives at least10 to12 bodies in a day and health officials are worried that the numbers would go up in the coming days.
Till date, Coimbatore has recorded 733 Covid deaths and 84,206 virus cases.
Many come to govt hosps when it’s late
Going by this date, the death rate is just 0.9% which is extremely low.
Ahealthsourcesaid, “As many as140 bodies of Covid patients were sent from Coimbatore Medical College and Hospital (CMCH) between April 26 and May 1 and on average, at least 22 such bodies are being sent out of the hospital. The main reason for such a high number of deaths is people are referred by private hospitals to CMCH at the last minute when saving them becomes difficult. If only they would havecomeearlier,they wouldhavebeen saved.”
Thesourcesaid, “Closeto40% of thebodies belong to outsiders who have been undergoing treatment in the district. As it is risky to take the bodies to their respective districts, they werecremated/buriedin thedistrictitself.People from all the districts in the western region and some from other southern/central districts visit the city for treatment.”
Last Friday, volunteers from Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazagham buried three bodies. On the same day, the Popular Front of India buriedthebody of a60-year-old manfrom Palani andJeeva Shanthy trustburiedthebody of a60-year-old manfrom thecity. Whilethe volunteers confirm they died on the same day, there was no mention of them in the media bulletin.
An official from the health wing of the corporation said that they do not include the namesof the peoplebelongingtoother districts in the district’s count. Even going by their stand, there is amismatch between the data.
When contacted, deputy director of public health G Ramesh Kumar said, “There are instanceswhere peopledieduetoother complications after they were declared negative. Such deaths are considered as Covid-19 deaths. We are transparent.” The district collector S Nagarajan refused to comment.



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