Coimbatore Corporation seizes seven stray ponies | Coimbatore News – Times of India

COIMBATORE: Coimbatore Corporation officials on Saturday seized seven ponies that were causing issues to road users in and around Selvapuram area.
The ponies were shifted to VOC zoo. Officials said that the animals would be handed over to their respective owners when they come to claim them. They would be made to cough up a fine before the animals are handed over to them.
A zoo official said the penalty would be determined by them based on the circumstances in which the animals were allowed to stray on the roads and number of animals. A higher fine would be imposed on repeated offenders.
“If no one comes claiming the animals, they would be sent to a shelter,” he said.
Corporation officials said there had been multiple complaints against ponies straying on the roads in the last few days. They wander on the roads and pose threat to commuters, particularly those travelling fast.
The animals are used for functions like marriages, and they are in good demand during the marriage season. The owners are not willing to spend and take care of the animals the rest of the time. Hence, they leave them on the road.


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