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CHENNAI: The Pallavaram Municipality once again lied to the National Green Tribunal about pollution at water bodies at south Chennai.
The civic body in several cases has told the tribunal that no raw sewage was released into Pallavaram, Putheri and three other lakes in the vicinity. But videos shot by residents last week showed that raw sewage was let into the lake either directly or through storm water drains (SWDs), which are meant to carry excess rainwater.
The local body uses motors to pump out excess sewage into SWDs. In some areas, they have even drilled a hole illegally on the sides of drain pipes to divert excess sewage into SWDs, show videos.
The municipality started constructing an underground sewage network in 2008 and completed work five years later. Ever since the drainage system was opened for public use, residents faced frequent troubles.
“The underground network was designed without considering the gravitational force. Come every October, sewage starts to overflow from manholes. There have been several protests over the quality of materials used for constructing the drains and repair work. But nothing has changed, said David Manohar, a civic rights activist from Arappor Iyakkam.
“Overflown sewage seeped into soil thereby polluting the groundwater table. We don’t know for what reason the government is waiting to act on this issue. They simply sign the reports prepared by the municipality for NGT submission,” he said.
S M Govindarajan, president of Patel Nagar Residents’ Welfare Association said, “The entire UGD has collapsed here. The stench of raw sewage pervades the air throughout municipal limits. Does it need an upgrade into a corporation with this infrastructure,”
A municipality official said they have requested for 40 crore from the government to repair drains and replace old pipes. “Earlier sewage overflows were due to excess rains during 2015 floods. We have fixed those issues now. This (drain repairs) too will be completed soon,” he said, requesting anonymity.


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