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CHENNAI: The Marina Marina Marina is officially out of bounds for visitors, but crowds gather every evening. Those coming to buy fish at Loop Road too crowd the beach, throwing caution to the winds, few wearing masks or maintaining social distance.
Though the famous beach is closed, the crowd remains uncontrollable even on weekdays. As per the directive, only walkers are allowed on the service lane stretch from 5am to 9am. Though a beach patrol vehicle is parked on the road, people are not stopped from venturing into the waters.
On Wednesday, a holiday for Bakrid (Eid-al-Adha), a large number of men and women came to the famous sands in the evening, frolicking in the water and moving in close proximity to each other. “Everyone has masks on their jaws. Even as they order for fish, they spend their time in waters never bothering about the risk involved,” said Senthil, an autorickshaw driver.
“It is high time police concentrated on these stretches. I see patrol vehicles moving around,” said Senthil, who parks his auto on Loop Road.
Police have barricaded the stretch till the service road stretch and prevent people from entering and seem to have ignored Loop Road, an easy entry for many. “People turn deaf ears to repeated pleas. We can only advise them. Moreover, the fishermen enter the sands to spread their fishing nets, several youths join them,” said a sub-inspector at the spot.
Many people near the water’s edge said they were not aware of restrictions as they were rarely stopped.


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