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CHENNAI: The Anti-Vice Squad (AVS) itself is miserably under-staffed and is functioning from out of an old dilapidated building behind Chintadripet police station.
Though the unit has a sanctioned strength of 25 police personnel, including an inspector for AVS unit-1 and 15 police personnel for AVS unit-2, the present strength is less than 12. Worse, it includes an assistant commissioner of police, two inspectors, one special sub-inspector, one court orderly, two CCTNS staff handling in typing computers, and five other rank police personnel.
Though the city has 900-plus massage parlours and spas, only these 12 cops are to enforce anti-vice provisions there. Owing to complaints of collusion and going soft on offenders, at least five ACPs had been shunted out within a span of three months in the wing. Inspectors also hang on for tenures ranging from six months to one year before being shifted out. It is such a hot seat.
Though these AVS units register about 10 cases every month chargesheet at least three to five cases every, the rate of conviction has been abysmally low.
“In most cases, if the person (pimp) pleads guilty, courts slap a fine of Rs 3,000 to 5,000 and let them go. Only in rare occasions do courts convict offenders and jail them for three to six months,” said an officer.


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