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Centre looking into Mumbai’s experience of using oxygen | Delhi News – Times of India

Centre looking into Mumbai's experience of using oxygen | Delhi News - Times of India

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NEW DELHI: Amid the tussle over Delhi government’s demand for 900 metric tonne oxygen, the Centre is looking into Mumbai’s experience, which was using around 240-245 MT when the financial capital had over 80,000 active cases.
The national capital, which has an allocation of 590 MT, has been demanding higher quota from the Centre, arguing that it has over one lakh active cases at present with a large number of Covid patients admitted across hospitals requiring oxygen.
Data sourced from the Centre from Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) showed that between April 20 and May 1, after cases peaked, the city needed between 220 and 245 MT oxygen. During this period, the active cases ranged between 57,000 and 85,000.
On an average, the Mumbai’s oxygen requirement is around 270-275 MT, including for Covid patients, although supply by the Maharashtra government is to the tune of 230 MT, according to information shared by BMC with the Centre.
At the start of May, the city had over 30,000 beds with around 9,500 occupied in the oxygenated category and with 2,900 in the critical ICU segment and around 1,500 with ventilators.
The Centre is looking at Mumbai’s oxygen supply management, along with the experience in other states. “But Maharashtra had very high active cases, which at one point of time had crossed 90,000 and the health infrastructure is similar. We are seeing how they had managed with much lower supply,” said a source, adding that detailed instructions had been issued by the administration to the medical personnel to ensure that there was little wastage, while ensuring that patients had 93-94% saturation.
While Mumbai has easier access to liquid medical oxygen, the city administration had also prepared for a possible second wave by creating large storage facilities, which helped hospitals in the financial capital during the latest surge.
Meanwhile, a Delhi government statement said, “The 900 MT calculation is based on Centre’s estimate of how much oxygen an O2 bed requires. Neither Centre nor court has raised any issue on our calculations..”



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