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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched the “Central Vista” website, which captures the entire journey of the country’s power centre since its inception during the British rule. Besides giving the updated details of all the ongoing and future projects, the website has a separate section on myths and facts about the ambitious project.
The housing and urban affairs ministry had been working on the portal for more than a year, which sources said is aimed at putting everything before the public so that they can judge the government’s plan for revamping the Central Vista, including construction of a New Parliament Building, Executive Enclave and Common Central Secretariat buildings.
“There have been a lot of confusion and misinformation. So, we have put everything in black and white in the website. There is also an option for people to give their suggestion. There are videos on fact checks, which show how there is misinformation about the project,” said an official.
The government has uploaded several photographs of the existing Parliament Building showing how the structure is under stress and inadequate to take the future loads. It also gives updated details of the total mandays (employment) generated since the redevelopment works started last year and the materials used. This is aimed at informing people about the impact of the projects on economic activities and employment.
The government has uploaded a detailed response to counter the critics, who had slammed government for taking up such an expensive project during the Covid pandemic. It says the Redevelopment of Central Vista Master Plan was conceived in September 2019, many months earlier than the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020 and that the projects will be executed in six years.
It also says how the government has increased the budgetary allocation for health in recent years and public health has been a priority of the government.


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