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Can diabetes be caused by corona? Know important things related to your health

 Can diabetes be caused by corona?  Know important things related to your health

For the past few months, there has been a rapid increase in diabetes cases, especially in those with a history of Kovid-19. This disclosure has become the center of many research and research and now the reason for a major concern is that the virus can have dangerous consequences on the human body. However, prior research has shown that people with one or more diseases are at greater risk of corona virus infection and marked illnesses can cut their chances of recovering from the infection. However, new research has shown that many people have more complaints of diabetes either during their infection or after recovery.

An attempt was made to find out about 2700 cured patients in the US by surveying them. Researchers found that 14 percent of them developed diabetes after being infected with the corona virus. In the same way, the same issue was seen in patients who had recovered from Kovid-19 from the research done in the UK and China at around 40,000. Incidentally, people who had diabetes during or after recovering from Kovid-19, did not have a history of diabetes earlier. Scientists have not yet been able to find out why and how Kovid-19 can cause diabetes. But some theory suggests that the way the virus develops inside the body can help in understanding the reasons.

Can sugar be caused by Kovid-19?

Kovid-19 causes extensive damage to the immune system before defeating the patient’s virus. During this corona virus damages many vital organs including the pancreas, which reduces insulin production.

Another possibility may be that the virus can damage the cell line, including the intestine, thus reducing the ability of the organs to break down and control glucose.

Some experts also hold the medicines used for treatment. A mixture of medicines and more is being used because it is a new disease and steroids have also been used many times. In such cases, blood sugar may increase.

Diabetes type 1 and type 2 cases have been found in patients recovering from Kovid-19. Therefore, special instructions have been issued to the patients to pay special attention to some signs.

Patients need to see special signs

  1. Injury or wound healing
  2. Frequent urination
  3. Tingling or tingling in the body
  4. Reason for fatigue not clear
  5. Too much hunger and thirst
  6. Suddenly you see blurred

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