Bengaluru: Suicide victim's sister unravels Facebook sextortion | Bengaluru News - Times of India

Bengaluru: Suicide victim’s sister unravels Facebook sextortion | Bengaluru News – Times of India


BENGALURU: A 26-year-old MBA graduate preparing for the civil service exams hanged himself at his Bhattarahalli residence near KR Puram on March 23. While he didn’t leave a suicide note and the family had no clue why he did it, his elder sister found he had been blackmailed by cyber criminals who got acquainted with him on Facebook.
The gang extorted around Rs 36,000 in multiple transactions one day before his death. Police said the youth accepted a Facebook friend request sent by a stranger who called herself Neha Sharma. He started chatting with her who later made a video call to him, removed her clothes and asked him to undress. He complied and that’s when things started unravelling.
Youth borrowed money from friends
Armed with the chat history and video recording of him stripping, miscreants demanded money and threatened to send the video to his friends. The scared youth borrowed money from his friends and started transferring money digitally to a bank account. He paid Rs 36,000 in six transactions on March 22.
KR Puram police took up a case of extortion, criminal intimidation and abetment to suicide against five suspects named by the youth’s sister on April 3.
According to police, they initially filed a case of an unnatural death on March 23. Two days later, the youth’s “friends” informed his sister that he had borrowed money from them. Suspecting something fishy, she rushed to his bank and collected his account statement. She found six transactions on March 22.
The sister later found a note on FB messenger sent by Neha Sharma who asked if she was a family member.
“The person asked for my brother’s mobile number. I gave my nephew’s number and said it was my brother’s. Later, a person identifying himself as Tejas Ramesh Bhai, brother of Neha Sharma, started messaging my nephew and the messages clearly showed they were blackmailing my brother,” she alleged in her police complaint.
Ramesh asked her nephew to make Rs 21,000 as the final settlement and promised to delete the video permanently. “Ramesh claimed that Sharma had three managers — Moin Khan, Javed and Robin Khan. Police named all five persons as accused in the case.
Police said they have some clues about the suspects and they’re headed to an undisclosed destination to nab them.


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