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Be vigilant despite being negative in COVID-19 investigation, do not ignore these symptoms

Be vigilant despite being negative in COVID-19 investigation, do not ignore these symptoms

Kovid-19 disease caused by corona virus can affect anyone. Its symptoms can range from mild to very severe. Experts say that the crisis of lack of oxygen in the second wave is increasing more fear. Recent reports show that despite the detection report of many people having symptoms of the virus, it is coming negative due to misidentification. Although RT-PCR is the standard for test testing, the current report suggests that ‘false negatives’ are possible. Although its RT-PCR tests are effective in detecting viruses, none of the tests are 100 percent accurate and the results depend on many factors. & Nbsp;

Do not take corona symptoms lightly despite being test negative

Suppose your RT-PCR test has come negative, but you are still not feeling healthy, then isolate yourself and monitor a few symptoms yourself. & Nbsp;
1. Taste and smell loss

2. Sore throat with constant cough and worsening fever

3. Fevers and colds do not subside and worsen despite painkillers

4. Tough fatigue that is difficult to deal with

5. Abdominal symptoms such as diarrhea and nausea, which can cause abdominal cramps and vomiting
How accurate are corona tests?

Some of the most commonly used for corona test are RT-PCR, COVID-19 anti body test, COVID-19 rapid antigen test, and RT-PCR test is currently considered to be the most accurate. In the second wave of corona virus, several reports suggest that false negative reports have come among corona virus victims. & Nbsp;

Why are some people negative in the investigation after having symptoms?

There are some reasons why the results of the investigation may come out wrong. Many people show complete symptoms of corona, but the results are negative in RT-PCR test. Researchers say that the RT-PCR test shows reliable results about corona infection but sometimes it is also ‘wrongly negative’ which can actually be dangerous. In such a situation, the patient roams around and comes in contact with people. Therefore, the chances of spreading the infection to others are very high. According to the report, when taking a sample through the nose or throat, the method of taking the wrong sample, the amount of liquid needed to keep the virus active, incorrectly transporting the swab sample can increase the likelihood of incorrect negatives. In addition, sometimes the viral load in the patient’s body is very low, leading to negative reports at times. & Nbsp;

Corona test should be negative, but symptoms are still evident

1. Stay in isolation until you feel completely healthy

2. Keep an oximeter and thermometer with you & nbsp;

3. Check the symptoms continuously

If you go for a double check, then it is advisable to do this 3-4 days after the first test.

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