Are you fond of eating eggs?  Know how many eggs to eat in a day in terms of cholesterol

Are you fond of eating eggs? Know how many eggs to eat in a day in terms of cholesterol

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Unhealthy cholesterol levels are dangerous for your heart health. Excess cholesterol collects in your arteries and makes it difficult for blood to flow to the body. If not controlled, this congestion can put you at risk of heart disease. Your diet has a big effect on your cholesterol level. It is advisable to avoid certain foods that increase blood cholesterol levels. It is generally believed that eggs can increase your cholesterol level. Many people also recommend avoiding the use of eggs to keep the heart healthy. But is the egg really unhealthy for your heart?

Is egg yolk unhealthy for cholesterol?
Nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal clarifies, “You should eat whole egg with yolk. We think of egg yolk that is rich in cholesterol, but it is a great source of phosphor lipids. They are bioactive lipids or fats. That have a beneficial effect on cholesterol metabolism. It also has a good effect on inflammation and good cholesterol. ” Research also states that eating eggs does not negatively affect your cholesterol level. Egg is also a major source of essential nutrients. It is packed with protein, vitamin B, iron, healthy fats, vitamin A.

How to include egg in your diet?
One of the best characteristics of eggs is that it can be prepared in many ways. You can make egg curry with rice and roti or egg bhurji. You can also prepare an omelette or boil it, make it bhujia.

How much egg should you eat in a day?
Nutritionists recommend that you should not eat too much or too little egg in a day. It is healthy for him to balance. According to research and experts, you can limit yourself to 1 or 2 eggs daily.

If you are struggling with a poor cholesterol level, then it is important to change your diet to reduce the level. You can also seek the advice of an expert to control this condition and prevent complications associated with it.

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