Animal activists in Pune, Mumbai launch search for owners of lost dog named Bruno | Pune News – Times of India

PUNE: The animal activists in Mumbai and Pune launched a desperate search for the mystery owners of a pet labrador named Bruno who got lost during a trekking trip in Murshet Shendi, Akole taluka, in Ahmednagar.
Four trekkers from Mumbai on a trekking trip to the location, which is near Bhandardara, spotted the friendly lab and have been unable to forget him since.
Rohit Shinde, one of the trekkers, told TOI, “During the trek, we found the dog roaming outside our tent looking for something. He looked very sad and followed us everywhere. We started wondering how the lab ended up in the small village. We enquired with the villagers and learnt that he had been lost for months. He had come to the village with his owners but got lost in the jungle somehow. His owners searched for him for days but had to return broken-hearted as they could not find him.”
Shinde said that after his trip, he and his friends returned to Mumbai and Bruno is still in Murshet Shendi. Upon their return, the Mumbai trekkers got in touch with the local People For Animals (PFA) unit, the organisation which is handling the case now. Animal lovers in Mumbai and Pune have also now launched a desperate hunt on social media for Bruno’s owners.
“We were told by the villagers about his name as they had heard his owners calling him Bruno while searching for him months ago. He also responds to the name and understands commands in Marathi. One strange thing about him is that he does not go near the villagers, and mixes up only with tourists who go there camping. I left Bhandardara
with a heavy heart and am now trying to reunite Bruno with his pet parents.”


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