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HYDERABAD: Majority of Muslim women from the city abandoned by their husbands to escape the consequences of triple talaq either have meagre income or beg to survive.
Desperate for money, food and shelter, many have taken to odd jobs, living on less than Rs 2,000 a month or have temporarily moved in with their family and relatives, shows a recent survey conducted by women members of a city-based social organisation.
The social organisation’s study covered about 350 women living in various colonies of Shaheen Nagar.
“Though the survey is limited to one pocket, it is reflective of the condition that most of these women are in today,” said Nikhat Begum from Helping Hand Foundation, who headed this survey in the city along with a team of volunteers.
At least 45% respondents are victims
Their findings show that at least 45% of the respondents — aged between 18 and 35 years — are victims of abandonment. “The numbers have increased lately,” added Nikhat, alluding to this being a result of the ban on instant talaq.
Shaheen Begum, one among those left stranded almost suddenly, has taken up work on a farm. “I end up earning a maximum of Rs 100 per day and that’s just not enough to take care of three children and myself,” the 40-year-old said. Her daughter, also divorced recently, has started some tailoring work to support the family.
Many younger girls have taken to peeling garlic that fetch them Rs 25 for every kg, become domestic helps or are engage in menial jobs for textile traders. Even their pay is poor. “I get orders for just two or three kg of garlic. Not only is the money insufficient, it even damages the skin,” said another woman from Habeeb Nagar.
Mujtaba Hasan Askari, founder of the foundation admitted to receiving a “steady flow of abandonment cases of women from underprivileged sections looking for social support”. Speaking about the startling revelations of the survey, he said: “By circumventing the law, men are pushing women into deeper social stress as all their legal entitlements like ‘mehr’, which is like a social security net, are unpaid,” he said.


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