How a tribal woman helped her community in a Chhattisgarh village during Covid-19


It was in 2001 when a bashful and timid Bhagwatee Porte, who lives in Karpiha town of Chhattisgarh, joined JSS on the guidance of her better half, mother by marriage and the elderly folks of her town. Today, the 47-year-old shafts with satisfaction as everybody in the town knows her.

“Iss gaon mein keval ek bahu bankar aaye the, lekin stomach muscle swasthya karyakarta hain aur humari unadulterated gaon, saare bache-badon mein pehchan hai (I arrived at this town as a girl in-regulation however presently I am a wellbeing laborer and everybody in the town – old or youthful – knows me),” she says.
JSS is an enrolled, non-benefit society of wellbeing experts running minimal expense wellbeing programs in ancestral and provincial areas of Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. In 2020, when the Covid pandemic previously raised a ruckus around town, it brought a few difficulties for cutting edge laborers like Bhagwatee. During the subsequent wave, among April and May 2021, the medical services framework and wellbeing laborers were under extraordinary strain. Something like a couple of individuals in every family of Karphia town were encountering Covid side effects during this period.

It was during this time that the JSS needed to alter rules and exercises of its town wellbeing program. The circumstance requested speedy choices, concurrent learning and execution of those learnings.

The test was to keep the administrations on for the local area without putting them at an expanded gamble of getting tainted. To beat this, JSS concocted a new arrangement of rules as per which they prepared the town wellbeing laborers to assist with containing the spread of the infection.


House to house visits, making mindfulness among residents

Porte then began going house to house, monitoring every family and individuals who were encountering Covid side effects. During her visits, she saw that individuals would frequently conceal their side effects. She would screen suggestive individuals with a convention and tracker — planned by JSS — to identify fever, hack or potentially coryza. Those with high fever were expected to be observed for something like fourteen days.

During this time, regardless of getting the primary portion of the Covid antibody, Bhagwatee also got tainted with the infection thus did both her children,

Bhagwatee reviews when the disease was at its pinnacle. She says she was working for longer hours and at first confronted a ton of trouble in finding some kind of harmony among work and home. Be that as it may, she adds, she had the option to oversee both fully backed by her significant other and mother by marriage.

JSS depicts Bhagwatee as a “striking and decided ancestral town lady”. Her soul of local area work kept her certainty alive, which assisted her go on with bearing her obligations unafraid.


Her dynamic endeavors assisted in making mindfulness about Covid-19 among locals, assisting with preventing serious cases and even passings. As a town wellbeing laborer, Porte says she knows each resident’s name, age, medical issue, and so forth. With the Covid emergency disappearing, she has now taken up a new errand of checking pulse, glucose levels of individuals as she keeps on serving her town local area.


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