Mumbai: 5-fold rise in Covid-19 patients requiring Oxygen


Mumbai has seen a 15-overlap ascend in the Covid-19 patients requiring oxygen support over the most recent 10 days. According to the information, there were just two patients on oxygen till May 26 which has expanded to 33 as of June 10. Wellbeing authorities have credited this flood to an ascent in everyday cases and patients with comorbidities who require oxygen during confirmation.

Dr Rahul Pandit, an individual from the National Covid-19 Taskforce said, the numbers are not troubling thinking about there is a general leap in the cases. Also, the pace of hospitalization has not expanded contrasted with the past waves.

“We should be careful and screen cases for the following fourteen days as there will be a flood in day to day cases. In any case, the great part is that the majority of them are asymptomatic and don’t need hospitalization,” he said.

Dr Pandit further said, “Medical clinic confirmations are exceptionally low as only one percent of the positive cases are owned up to medical clinics in the state. It shows the seriousness is low and subsequently it’s anything but a significant reason for concern. In any case, we want to pause and watch what is happening near arrive at any resolution.”


Senior wellbeing specialists from the city wellbeing division said that the ongoing prerequisite for oxygen is exceptionally less in the city and patients on oxygen support are likewise short of what one percent of generally speaking dynamic cases. Be that as it may, they have sufficient oxygen to handle further floods in necessities.

“Current prerequisite of oxygen is under 50 metric tons each day contrasted with 250-300 metric tons during the third wave. Also, we have 41 oxygen plants in the city to address the issue in future,” he said.

Senior specialists from the urban run clinic expressed, the greater part of the patients are senior residents and all have comorbidities because of which they require oxygen support. Be that as it may, patients are recuperating with no lung contribution.

“We have seen confirmations after a long hole and presently we have around 12 patients. In any case, patients are not accompanying direct Covid pneumonia that we saw before,” he said.


Team individuals repeated, “The majority of the cases are gentle. Be that as it may, we really want to follow Covid-19 suitable way of behaving of veiling, hand cleanliness, and social separating.”


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