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If you want to learn the Google cloud platform (GCP) online, you are at the right place to know about those 5 best online courses that will make you enhance your learning power in the Google Cloud Platform. With the revolutionary step of the Google Cloud Platform, the monopoly of AWS on cloud computing has been challenged as it has brought drastic changes in cloud computing in the last few years.


The Google platform has recently launched and offers excellent performance with its three sets of tools and innovative features. Still, it is not as popular as the Amazon web services. It can also not replace the cloud computing of Microsoft Azure in the corporate world. Still, it has been becoming popular and playing a significant role in the areas of Big Data and Machine Learning.

Benefits of Choosing These Courses in 2022

● To accelerate your productivity. 

● Affordable

● Convenient to use a

● Learn from basic to advance

● Easy to 

5 Best Courses to Learn Google Cloud Platform in 2022

Hence, if you want to learn the Google cloud platform, then you can choose anyone from the following five best courses –

1. GCP – Complete Google Data Engineer and Cloud Architect Guide

This is one of the best Google cloud certification courses for beginners if you want to learn the basics of Google cloud computing. It will make you get the Google Cloud Certification if you pass it. If you do this online course, you will get many advantages in your learning. You will not only be able to learn about the basics of GCP like Compute Engine and App Engine.

But along with learning these basics, you will also be able to learn about those areas where it is used prominently, like Big Data and Machine Learning. Here, you will be able to discover all these techniques under the mentorship of Google experts. 


● Easy to learn.

● Best for beginners.

● Get the Google cloud certification 

● Become a Google Data Engineer, and Google Cloud Expert fulfill.

2. Coursera – Learn to Develop Applications on the Google Cloud Platform


If you want to be the master of the Google Cloud Platform, and if you’re going to understand developing the applications on the Google Cloud Platform, you should take the online course from Coursera. This course consists of application development with the Google Cloud Platform. 

Don’t miss this opportunity anyhow when you are getting a great chance to learn from the Cloud training staff. You can also get a subscription to Coursera Plus if you want to access other excellent courses. You are just required to invest 14 hours per week. If you are consistent in your studies, you will be able to complete the course within one month only.


● Get the mentorship from the Cloud training staff.

● Learn the application development

● 1-month course

3. Google Associate Cloud Engineer Certification 

If you want to present yourself as Google Associate Cloud Engineer Certification, you should crack this best GCP certification course. Apply for it right now as this is the best course for GCP Associate Cloud Engineer. 

Suppose you already know about AWS Cloud computing. In that case, you will be able to pass this exam as there are many similarities between AWS Cloud computing and Google cloud computing that will help you understand the topics easily.


● Verified Certification course

● Budget-friendly course

● Best for learners 

4. Introduction to Google Cloud by Lynn Langit –  

This is one of the best courses if you want to learn to program on Google Cloud computing. In this course, you will be able to get an introductory class from the Google Developer Lynn Langit. You will know about the future possibilities that the world can see using the Google Cloud Platform. 

In addition, you will be taught to learn the essential Google Cloud Services like Google App Engine and Google Compute Engine very well. This is an ideal choice for those who have good knowledge of the Java language.


● Learn to program 

● Learn Google App Engine 

● Learn Google Compute Engine 

5. Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform

This course is available on Coursera for especially the data scientists, as they can use their machine learning on the Google cloud platform to take the benefits of TensorFlow. The Google cloud training staff also offers this course. 

Furthermore, to complete this course on Coursera, you need to spend 15 hours per week. If you are learning it steadily, you will be able to achieve excellence in this course within one month only.


● Ideal for the data scientists

● Benefits of TensorFlow

● 1-month study



To conclude, we have compiled a list of some best courses for you where you can upgrade your skills and find your desired job. I hope you find all these relevant courses practical.


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